Mrs. Bhajan Kaur has been under Dr. Siva Shankar's homeopathic treatment since the year 2000.

A sudden difficulty in speech, numbness along one whole side of the body and loss of consciousness caused a panic in her family who rushed her to the hospital immediately. An MRI of the brain revealed a Focal Chronic Lacunar Infarct in the left Thalamus measuring 3.3 × 2.7 × 2.8 cms in size, which was treated in the year 2000. When everything seemed normal, the condition relapsed again after a period of 6 months. It was then when the doctors revealed that there is an increased risk of death, mainly from cardiovascular causes.

Doctors in the corporate hospital advised her to undergo brain surgery to remove the clot, otherwise it may cause permanent disability. The risk of recurrent stroke after lacunar infarct is similar to that for most other types of stroke, and patients have an increased risk of developing COGNITIVE DECLINE and DEMENTIA.

Mrs. Bhajan Kaur was afraid to go forward with the treatment. It was then when she decided to give Homeopathy a try and landed at Shanti Homeo Global. When they consulted us we were a bit hesitant to take up the case because she may become permanently paralysed if our medicine does not help her. We told them very clearly about the prognosis but the patient was adamant and wanted to try our treatment only. This happened long time ago. We remember this patient because she is still visiting our clinics with some minor problems now and then and she is hale and hearty even at the age of 70 years .

All her symptoms like numbness in legs, giddiness, lack of confidence to walk, etc,. were completely relieved. It is a wonderful testimony of a fantastic homeopathic cure. Patient's Contact : +914065586743

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