If a homeopath says that the allopathic remedies cause side effects and advices the patient not to indulge in allopathic medications too often, some people take it in a different angle. Also some intellectuals argue that when 90% of the population is using allopathy, it is strange to give such advices.

The most popular daily news paper "DECCAN CHRONICLE" printed a news item dated 26th February 2017 with a heading, 'ULCER DRUGS MAY AFFECT THE KIDNEYS'. As practitioners we are familiar with the surge of certain diseases during the past couple of decades. The prominent among these are RENAL FAILURE and HYPOTHYROIDISM.

We are not criticizing any system of medicine. But the primary duty of every doctor is to prevent the disease wherever it is possible. A matter related to health is published in a newspaper can't be strange or unfamiliar to a practicing allopath. The news item in Deccan Chronicle says, "Drugs that are used to treat heartburns, acid reflux and ulcers cause silent damage to the kidney according to a survey". Our allopathic colleagues are very well aware of it but still prescribe antacids/painkillers etc., which are damaging the most important organs like Kidney.

The press note further elaborates quoting a senior nephrologist that, patients who are on high doses of allopathic medications, should get their kidney function tests done to ensure that the kidneys are functioning well. In many cases kidney does not show any signs of dysfunction in the early stages. It is diagnosed only when it is in the end stage of failure and there is hardly any treatment at that stage.

Homeopathy has an established treatment for hyperchlorhydria and ulcers in the stomach. Why not the useful remedies in Homeopathy are used to control such diseases for which the allopathic treatment is not helping and producing disastrous side effects like kidney failure. As clinicians, are we not obliged to take care of patients' total health? When you know that these drugs for acid reflux disease, etc., are damaging the kidney, why not you take the help of alternative systems of medicine?

We as homeopaths always say that our branch of medical therapeutics is not only an alternative system of medicine but also a complementary medicine. Why don't the concerned authorities focus on that issue and do the needful? It is not the individual priorities and prejudices that are important but the health and life of a patient that is more important.

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