Recently a very good discussion about the readings of normal/abnormal blood pressure has taken place in the medical circles especially among the cardiologists. Some of their views have been published in daily newspapers too. Some are of opinion that 120/80 mm of Hg is better followed as standard. The other opinion is that, till last year the reading of 140/90 mm of Hg in asians was normal as published by AHA (American Heart Association). Many people including doctors are very sceptical about this normal level of BP. The argument is that, when the BP (normal reading/level) is brought down, a few million people in Asia are added to the list of anti-hypertensive medicine users. This will bring several billion dollars to the drug industry.

We have to really go back a few years to understand the modus operandi of this whole mechanism. Cholesterol is supposed to be one of the villians in causing Hypertension, Coronary heart disease, etc., and controlling cholesterol is very important even before controlling high BP. The standard reading of triglycerides and cholesterol is also varying from time to time. Sometime ago, 250 mg of triglycerides in blood was supposed to be abnormal and needed treatment, but now it is stated that treatment is needed only if triglyceride levels exceeds 150 mg.


Treatment of patients with high cholesterol and triglycerides has a huge market in drug industry. Any patient with high BP / Heart problem / High cholesterol is necessarily prescribed a remedy to control cholesterol and the remedy is mostly 'STATIN'. There are several views on using statins and some experts had emphatically stated that statins are not good and they produce drastic side effects if used for long. To overcome this criticism and to protect their business interests, a big lobby has been working which is manipulating certain institutions to make proclamations about the "Very Good" effects of this dangerous remedy statin. One such body, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CLINICAL EXCELLENCE (NICE) in England showed interest in expanding the indications for statins and planning even to sell this remedy across the counter. Very powerful drug barrons in the UK were getting ready with tons of statins in stock. To further boost the sale of statins, even international journal of cardiology stated that statins may help stove off Demetia (according to a study). It is not clear as to who conducted the study. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published another study funded by drug companies and from an unknown university that statins are good to overcome erectile dysfunction. Even the Imperial college of London in one of its big studies claimed that statins have no side effects.


What are these statins?

Statins were introduced initially to lower blood cholesterol by blocking a very useful and powerful enzyme in the patients liver, an enzyme produced by the human body for it's own good, HMG-CoA (3-hydroxy-3-methyglutaryl COA) reductase, thus inhibiting the liver's ability to produce cholesterol. Artificially blocking that enzyme, we are also blocking many other vital products produced in the liver. One of them is MEVALONIC ACID. "If a doctor has ever seen a patient with congenital mevalonic acid deficiency, who looks like a dehydrated ghost of a human child, will never be able to prescribe this poison to any humanbeing" (Prof B.M.Hegde). Knowing fully well, the drastic side effects of a remedy, permitting that remedy to be used in enormous quantities and getting very reputed medical journals and institutions to toe their line, just to boost their sales at the cost of health of people is something inhuman. In one of his articles Prof B.M.Hegde writes that intravascular clotting of blood, narrowing of coronary arteries causing heart attack, etc., are NOT mainly due to substances like cholesterol. The nature of a person, his/her thinking process like animosity, anger, greed, contempt, jealousy,etc., are the cause of heart attacks.

It is the mind that is responsible for causing many an ailment. It has been found, hundreds and thousands of times that it is the mind that is the culprit in causing several diseases rather than physical causes. When allopathic industry is so strong and powerful, where is the wonder when it influences authorities in UK and Australia to malign homeopathy by creating false research reports.

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