What is Slip Disc?

Slip disc is nothing but 'Protrusion of intervertebral disc' from its original slot in the spine, and having come out it may exert pressure on the spinal cord causing symptoms like 'Sciatica'. For some reason, the incidence of this disease is tremendously on the rise.

What Causes Slip Disc?

The probable reasons are mainly lifestyle, like driving long distances, bad roads, sitting for long hours in office, the posture adapted in sitting eg., a person working on a computer (PC) always tends to bend forward. If it is a laptop, it is all the more worse. Diet, which does not consist of vital nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamins (especially Vitamin D), indulgence in outside food very often, very soft beds, absolute lack of exercise, lack of exposure to sunlight and lack of total relaxation. Apart from these factors, persons who are involved in lifting weights as a profession, sitting on floor, bending while working for a long time, etc., may cause this problem.

The problem arises mainly due to the pressure on spinal cord which contains enormous number of nerves. If the disc prolapse occurs in the lower back region, it is the sciatic nerve that is usually compressed and pain radiates down from the lumbar (lower back) region to the foot on the particular side. Usually it is one sided, sometimes it might be both. The pain travels above downwards in the back portion of the thigh and below the knee, sometimes up to the toes. The pain is always aggravated by standing and exertion, usually better by rest.

Why Homeopathy is preferred to Orthopedics?

A majority of the patients with this problem consult an Orthopedics Surgeon who prescribes painkillers (analgesics), physiotherapy and bed rest with absolute relief of symptoms. But, once the patient resumes his work, all the symptoms relapse. Once again a bone specialist or a neurologist is consulted and the same treatment is followed with relief. With these repeated episodes, patient gets impatient and many a time the bone surgeon (Orthopaedician) advices for surgery. Usually, at that point of time patients come to a Homeopathic physician as they are afraid of surgery besides the surgery being an expensive proposition. Homeopathy has very well established treatment for this disease. May be in our experience, we have treated a few thousands of patients suffering from sciatica or disc prolapse. We can proudly say that our success rate is more than 85-90%. In our long years of experience in treating this disease, we had hardly failed in giving total relief. May be some patients have not taken a full course of treatment or have not followed our instructions properly, in which case there might have been relapses or failure to cure totally.

This disease mostly occurs in young and middle aged persons who are obliged to work regularly unlike a retired person. As such, the suffering is more and the need for giving quick relief is imperative. As homeopaths, we are always ready to face this situation successfully and give permanent relief without any surgery. It is really unfortunate that the awareness about the homeopathic cure is lacking among the people and as such they put themselves to the risk of surgery.

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