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Dr. Siva Shankar Kunapareddy
Homeo pathy treatment by Dr. Siva Shankar
Dr. Siva Shankar addressing a conference
Dr. Siva Shankar at homeopathy medical college
Dr. Laxmareddy felicitating Dr. Siva Shankar as 50 years of professional career
Dr. Siva Shankar @ Homeopathic medical college
Dr. Venugopala chary filicitating Dr. Siva Shankar on Golden jubilee year
Homeopathic doctor Dr. Siva shankar receiving award
Dr. Siva Shankar with N. Chandrababu Naidu
Shri Aswini Subba rao felicatating Dr. Siva shankar
Mega star Chiranjeevi felicitating Dr. Siva shankar kunapareddy
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Homeopathic doctor Dr. Siva shankar

Dr. Sivashankar

Homeopathy doctor Dr. Sai vivek

Dr. Sai Vivek

  • 50+ years in service of the sick.
  • One of the senior most practitioners in Homeopathy.
  • Expertise in the treatment of so called incurable diseases.
  • Academic interest even at this age of 75 years.

Homeopathy is a religion in Dr. Siva Shankar's family. His father was a Homeopath who bequeathed his talent to his son. Now the fourth generation is taking up Homeopathy. His grandson Dr. Sai Vivek who is an MBBS graduate is stepping into his grandfather's shoes and taking up Homeopathy. 'At present he is working with his grandfather and planning to travel to UK (London) for post graduation in Homeopathy.'

Dr. Siva Shankar took his first diploma of D.H.M (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine) which is of 4½ years duration in first division in the year 1962. Was awarded a gold medal (Dr. A.N Rao's) for his distinction. He was the first recipient of the gold medal after it was instituted from Dr. Gururaju Govt. Homeopathic Medical college, Gudivada, Krishna Dist. earlier known as APH medical college.

Took his degree M.B.S Hom from Osmania University in the year 1979 in first division.

Homeopathic medicine Homeopathy for Every Family
  • (1964-67)-Lecturer Homeopathic medical college Gudivada
  • Lecturer, Professor, Superintendent Govt. Homeopathic hospital, Principal JSPS govt Homeopathic medical college.
  • Additional director Homeo in Govt. of AP
  • Examiner for MD students for several years in Rajiv Gandhi Health University, Karnataka (paper setting and correction)
  • Dean, faculty of Indian medicines and Homeopathy, Osmania university for 1 year.
  • Voluntary retirement in 1989.


Always interested in academics as a teacher, as a practitioner, as a writer. Presented several scientific papers at regional, state and national level. Contributed several articles in leading Homeopathic journals and leading daily newspapers. At present he is the editor-in-chief of an English monthly journal named 'Medicina Futura Homeopathica' published by Homeopathic Medical Association of Telangana (HMAT)


Apart from writing articles Dr. Siva Shankar has also authored English and Telugu books on Homeopathy namely 'Homeopathy for a Housewife', 'Homeopathy for Every Family', 'Mana Intlo Homeopathy'(Telugu) మన ఇంటో హోమియోపతి


With an intention to supply genuine medicines to the patients he started a Homeopathic Medical stores in Lakdi-Ka-Pul and also Shivam Road.

Besides this, under his guidance, his son-in-law Mr. Purushotham Areti started a manufacturing unit named Shanti and Shanti Homeopaths which is committed to manufacture genuine Homeopathic medicines.


  • Has been always active in organisational work besides his teaching and practice.
  • Founder General Secretary, Homeopathic Medical Association of India , A.P branch in late 70's.
  • President, Hyderabad chapter and Vice-President, A.P state of Bharat Vikas Parishad.
  • President, A.P Homeopathic Association now called HMAT from 2004-2009


Right from the beginning, even while working in various institutions in different capacities, he has been running his own private clinic during the evening hours. After his retirement he has been giving consultations at Shanti Homeo Global (Clinics) at Lakdi-ka-pul and Secunderabad. All through his career as a practitioner he had been training young Homeopaths in his clinics to get them good clinical exposure.

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