We thank you and appreciate for consulting Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global. We honour our commitment fully and give services which are satisfactory. If any unforeseen conditions develop interfering with our services, we keep you informed and seek your cooperation. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our patient.

  • Direct consultation in person is always better. Online consultation gas it's own limitations.

  • The remedies selected and treatment provided by Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global is solely and exclusively based on the information given by you.

  • While taking the medicines prescribed by Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global, the instructions issued to you should be followed strictly. In case of any doubts, you may mail us for clarification.

  • No assurance is given for cure. Every system of medicine has its own limitations, so also the physician. The duration of treatment and time taken for giving relief may differ from patient to patient. There are several factors which play an important role in deciding the duration of treatment. As such, Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global cannot assure you the length and duration of treatment in each individual patient.

  • By and large homeopathic medicines do not produce any side effects. As such, the patients cannot have any type of additional suffering due to our treatment. Even if there is any slight discomfort which you feel was not present before the treatment, it maybe due to oversensitiveness of your constitution or irregularity in taking the medicines. However, Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global will be obliged to remedy your discomfort as far as possible. In case this discomfort if due to some other new disease which you may have contracted, still we are obliged to help you by giving a proper advice.

  • Dr. Siva Shankar's Homeo Global reserves the right to make changes in the website.

By using this website, you fully and completely understand the contents herein and agree to the same. You are acting on your free will and consent to the contents herein. In case of any new problem which is very acute and serious, you are free to consult your family physician without waiting for our advice.

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