Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy-art of healing
Why Homeopathy?

There are many medical systems in this world which are recognised, Homeopathy is one among them and youngest of all.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann-the founder of Homeopathy

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy (1755-1843) based his theory on natural laws of healing. His concept of dynamic theory is much advances and unique in more than one way. He was a great thinker and the theories he had evolved are much advanced to his time. Even the best of the scientists are struggling to understand on how a non-material or a dynamic medicine (potentized) works and cures a patient, even though they agree that Homeopathy cures radically.

Dr. Hahnemann theorised and proved that sickness starts in the Vital Principal which animates the whole organism. Disturbance in Vital Principal leads to development of signs and symptoms physically. As such, he theorised that the remedy v should be in the same plane as that of the disease to achieve a perfect cure.

It is really unfortunate that some of the so called scientists continuously criticise Homeopathy stating that it is a placebo, because it doesn't contain matter. Dr. Hahnemann purposely reduced and finally removed the material content of the medicine and attenuated it and brought the medicine to the level of dynamis so that it can act on dynamic plane or vital plane where the sickness started.

There are many other unique features in Homeopathy which make this science a distinguished one, but the scope to elaborate all the theories of Homeopathy at this level is limited.

Misconceptions About Homeopathy
  • Homeopathy is slow acting
    It is absolutely wrong. Homeopathy is the fastest acting medicine as the action starts from the very moment the pill touches the tongue.
  • Produces aggravation initially
    Many people believe that Homeopathic medicine produces aggravation initially. It is also not totally correct, only when the patient is over sensitive or the potency given is very high, there may be initial aggravation. But it cannot be generalised.
  • Not to eat anything after medicine
    Many patients believe that there should be at least half an hour gap for the medicine before and after eating. Here we may explain that Homeopathic medicine is sensitive to strong odors, as such if a patient's food contains some substance which emits strong odor, then only a short time gap should be there for medicine before or after. If the patients ends the good with curd, perhaps there need not be any gap for the medicine to take.
  • Only for chronic diseases
    Many patients believe that Homeopathy can act only in chronic sufferers and it cannot be useful in very acute cases and emergencies. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Homeopathy acts wonderfully or magically in many acute patients with severe suffering.
  • Diet restrictions
    Many believe that Homeo physicians put a lot of restrictions on diet. It is also wrong. No homeopath will prescribe any specific diet. Any food that is disagreeable to the patient or that aggravates the patient's condition is only barred. If the patient is habituated for smoking and tobacco chewing, he's advised to stop it or give sufficient gap for the medicine.

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