Homeopathic treatment


Treats the patient and also the disease.

Homeopathy medicine

I treat, He cures

Celebrating 50 plus years of clinical practice

Homeopathy treatment

Treat the patient and also the disease.

Our high and only mission is to restore the sick to health.


    Cervical Spondylosis/Sciatica/Slip Disc, Allergies/Sinusitis, Rectal Problems, PCOD


    Experience gives not only expertise but also powers of descretion. We treat only patients who can be cured.


    Surgical diseases which are curable without surgery.


    Homeopathy is based on natural law of cure. It is also based on philosophy of cure. Because it has a law of cure and philosophy, this great art is still sustaining.

Welcome to Shanti Homeo Global
Homeopathy is an art of Healing. An artist creates, but a good Homeopathic physician cures -artistically so that the total health of the patient is restored. Cure has a specific meaning which is not only Relieving symptoms but also complete restoration of normal health.We try our best to treat you completely and permanently by modern Homeopathic Medicines with a personalised treatment plan especially chalked out for you in our Clinics. In a span of 50+ years of experience, expertise develops naturally. We treat all kinds of patients.
PATIENT'S COMFORT and HAPPINESS is our ultimate goal.
Dr. Siva Shankar homeopathy physician

Dr. Sivashankar Kunapareddy

Why Choose Shanti Homeo Global?
  • We are also like any other homeopathic physician, but over a period of more than 5 decades of Practice and Association with Academics, we developed certain amount of VERSATILITY, EXPERTISE, CONFIDENCE & AUTHENTICITY.
  • Dr. Siva Shankar Kunapareddy is consulted for his academic Acumen, Knowledge(applied), Efficiency and Accessibility by not only his patients but also medical personnel.

Our vision is to ensure that more awareness is created among the masses so that homeopathy can be better utilised by the people.

We can proudly say that we might have saved thousands of tonsils, Adenoids, Kidneys and Uterus's.

We are certain that lack of awareness is the main cause for spending millions in surgical theatres.

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